In the interim... Please be patient with us as we go through a transition and get things in place to cover services and products Waka NZ LTD provided: Software, CNC and Laser.   Please forward machine inquiries to Mike Carrigan at ITS LTD and software inquires to Nicholas Leqeta at Vertex Solutions LTD - use the details provided on the contact page.



  • "The support that we get from Waka, Techno and Mecsoft is dedicated, honest and dependable."

    Aaron Smith and Steve Palmer - ASP Ltd

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  • "Prior to purchasing our first CNC router in 2009 we carried out exhaustive research in the market to identify the supplier and product that best suited our needs. Waka NZ stood out from the competition in terms of value, specification, training, ongoing technical and service support and the personal input from James Dowle himself."

    Rob Friend, Retail Dimension

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  • "Deciding to invest in this machinery is the best decision I ever made, considering how it has transformed my business. Such machinery is the absolute bog standard of manufacturing and no manufacturing company can be without one."

    David Trubridge Design

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  • "We have no hesitation in recommending Waka and the Techno machine for both creative and manufacturing endeavours."

    Richard Taylor, Weta Workshop

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  • "The professional business manners, flexibility and extensive services demonstrated by Waka New Zealand are highly appreciated and we look forward to the continuation of our respected business relationship."

    Air New Zealand

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 Sources and support for digital manufacturing and product development






Waka New Zealand Ltd - Mecsoft CAD/CAM software for CNC Routers, CNC Machining Centres and Lathes - VisualMill, VisualMill for Solidworks, VisualTURN, VisualART,
RhinoCAM, RhinoART. Thunder Lasers, router cutters, carbide router bits, Precisebits cutting Tools, 'Working with Rhinoceros4'

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